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I really appreciate all of your comments, +fav, +watch, and also the happy birthday wishes! ^^ Sorry if it takes so much time for me to reply or even I never do it, but it's not because I ignore them, it's just because I've been working on something lately and couldn't find time for DA. I read every single one of them and I'm really glad to have all of you guys, such great artists, telling me you love my work. 

For all of the above: Thanks, everyone!


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Tania Herrero Hernández
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation


Gargoyles by Tanimatic
I really enjoyed this classwork, consisting on translating to a much more simple-childish style some characters. I chose... this! (some characters are missing but I don't have much more time to add the rest of the group). Quite sketchy, but I want to clean it up and add some shadows along the next week.
Don Schiavone sketch 01 by Tanimatic
Don Schiavone sketch 01
Just a sketchy sketch of the Don, trying to give him a more serious design that fits with the story I have in mind. His full name is Massimo Schiavone, by the way!

See the rest of the Schiavone mafia here:…
Famiglia Schiavone by Tanimatic
Famiglia Schiavone
This is a comic idea and classwork at the same time. Spaghetti per tutti!


EDIT 1: Added Luca to the picture. He is a snake (a king cobra, I should say) and I know snakes don't have arms or legs but... why not? xD In this crazy anthro world I'm creating, snakes do have arms and legs and are taller than most of the other guys! 


EDIT 2: Changed the Don's name. As I developed the story to a bit more serious one, it didn't make sense to keep the humorous name.


EDIT 3: Added Gaspard to the line up. He is a corrupted detective!


EDIT 4: Added Giovanni to the line up. He is the Don's most trusted friend; his consigliere.


I'm going to keep updating this to add more characters as I draw them, but these are only the first concept, so they may change in the future!
Sketch commissions by Tanimatic
Sketch commissions
 I will only draw original characters, not fanart. You don't need to give me a character picture as a reference, I can work with a description as well. 

I usually finish the commission in 24 hours or less, but it depends on the time zone and other facts. Of course, I will always inform you of any delays!

Payment will be made by Paypal. I always ask for half the price in advance.

Finnigan sketch 01 by Tanimatic
Finnigan sketch 01
Teeth are about to start flying all over the place...

Again, a sketch of one of the characters from the lizard mafia. I want to do more of this not only to define the design of each character, but also his personality and body language. 

Finnigan had a beret on his initial design, and I will keep it but I wanted  to see how he looks without it : )

He is an irish thug, and he often walks around with his own gang, so I'll draw some sketches of those guys sooner or later.

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Anayo-s Featured By Owner 3 days ago
*Winks, flashes a smile straight out of a colgate commercial, and cocks both hands like pretend guns while pointing them at Tanimatic*
Tanimatic Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional Filmographer
RansLove Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Gift art for you [Gift] Dante by RansLove  :la:
Tanimatic Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Professional Filmographer
JWiesner Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2015
Also, can you translate the subtitles of that one video of yours please? :U…

I LOVE YOUR STORYBOARDS. If I remember right, I stumpled upon them while browsing on Youtube, and I actually downloaded a video (Beware the Beast of Pirate's Bay) because I loved it so much. THEN REALIZED YOU WERE HERE ON DEVIANTART.

Oh my God, pirates. Another eternal obsession of mine.
Tanimatic Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2015  Professional Filmographer
Gaaaahhhh thank you!!! And of course! Here is the translation in order of appereance:

-That night, the sea roared before the fiercest storm ever seen.

-Thunder and lightning spread their claws over our heads.

-On the horizon we didn't see hope, only darkness.

-But that didn't matter to us.

-We are pirates.

-Mr. Smith: Captain!

-Captain Dile: A great day for sailing! Don't you think, Mr. Smith?

-Mr. Smith: You won't belive it Captain! I saw...!

-Captain Dile: The Death waiting for me with open arms? 

-Captain Dile: Tell her to wait in Hell!

-Mr.Smith: No Captain! I saw...!

-Look-Out: Land hoe!

-Captain Dile: And you playing with a spyglass...

-Captain Dile: Remember me after this to send you to clean the deck, Smith.

-Mr. Smith: Yes, sir...
JWiesner Featured By Owner Edited Feb 23, 2015
HEY SINCE I'M A BUNDLE OF JOY FOR DANTE. Can't help but think of him when I hear this fun old melancholic song:…

Imagine this is an ex-girlfriend/secret-admirer singing about him?

Maybe I'm also just overfanning. I only know I'm currently on this sort of old songs phase at the moment. Mostly Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra though!

EDIT: Do ignore the video, haha. Just minimize the window and look at a picture of Dente while listening. c: Then you get what I mean.
Tanimatic Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2015  Professional Filmographer
I LOVE IT. Actually, I'm a big fan of that kind of music, specially of Sinatra xD Thank you for this song! It gave me some ideas for Dante's plots >3

Oh gosh... suddenly I remember a song I love, and I'm imagining Dante in the scene...…;

Hahahaha even the actor looks like him!! xD
JWiesner Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2015
I LOVE OLD STUFF. I was born in the completely wrong time period. :C I want to go back to where music like this was standard, with singers which actually sang good without computers to make their voice sound good. Also a time when men normally wore hats and had beards and wore fancy suits, and fancy women acting like real ladies. And artists were appreciated more. Paintings weren't replaced with one-click-photography. Not that photography is bad but I still value a painting more than a photo. Art was done by people, not by machines. Even posters were handpainted!

By the way, that one song is sung by Frank Sinatra's daughter. 8D I learned that only recently.

THAT VIDEO haha! You're right, he absolutely looks like Dante! xD I honestly laughed in the first second already, right after he said "Now..." because it's so true. He's dripping with sleaze with that outfit and facial expression and everything, I love it.

I enjoyed the whole video. I can't explain why I have such an obession for dark crime environments like that one, I just do. Almost feel like home there. Thanks for sharing! 8>
Tanimatic Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2015  Professional Filmographer
TOTALLY TRUE. And the fact that people look at you as if you were crazy when they discover you not only listen, but like that kind of music... doesn't help at all. Let's make a time machine. You know we need one xD

I like digital art, but I get the feel that pencils are being replaced by computers at light speed. It happens also with animation films: now almost everything we see is 3D. I have nothing against it, but I miss the old animation films, with those memorable characters that let you see the pencil strikes on each frame. Oh, well... what can we do about it? :C

Hahaha Glad you liked it! xD I always have some of those kind of songs/videos playing in my other screen to go into the mood or get inspired. That, and my "go and draw a lot" charm: a purple glass of cola (don't ask xDD).
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